Reasons Why the 2016 Toyota Sienna is the Ideal Minivan for a Growing Manassas Family

Car shoppers know their needs better than anyone. While a salesman may be eager to show off a vehicle’s impressive engine power or sleek paintjob, many families go to the dealership looking for something to help them get their loved ones from place to place during busy weeks of work and school. There is no shortage of options when it comes to roomy and stylish choices, but some vehicles stand out as better-equipped to provide a comfortable and safe ride for the whole family.

toyota siennaThe Toyota Sienna is one of the more popular minivans on the market that is well-equipped to give users the best mix of style, safety, power, and comfort. A number of features make this minivan ideal for those families in Manassas who want a roomy and reliable option with the right amount of features to make any trip enjoyable.

Automatic sliding doors are a feature that nearly all minivans have. The Sienna is equipped with these as well, though they are slightly improved. These versions open automatically whenever the individual pulls on the door handle. This makes it easy to put groceries, car seats, or other equipment in the back without holding the door.

Low door entry allows for children to easily enter and exit the vehicle while minimizing the risk of injury in case of a fall. Adjustable second row seats and seat anchors provide a variety of sitting options for the perfect balance of space and security. Back-up cameras allow for a more complete view and additional safety measures.

Plenty of cargo space and all-wheel drive capabilities make this minivan perfect for hauling plenty of luggage in nearly any type of weather. In order to check out this impressive minivan in person, head to Miller Toyota and speak to a professional about taking a Sienna for a test drive.


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September 16, 2015
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