Throwback Fun: Meet the Lego Land Cruiser

A Toyota Land Cruiser is the kind of vehicle which has made a big impact. It has become a favorite of drivers very quickly due to the vast amount of functionality and versatility it has. The Land Cruiser’s fan following is obvious when one considers projects such as Matthew Inman’s Lego version of this popular Toyota. After making similar Lego cars with his children, he decided to do something a bit more extreme. Producing a model based on his first car, he constructed a 40 series Land Cruiser.

Land Cruiser

After realizing that the project was in comparable scale to some larger sets that he had purchased in the past, he made his Lego Land Cruiser a project for the Lego Idea website. Fans submit their builds here and gain support in order to help decide on future sets from Lego. If Matthew’s project receives 10,000 supporters it will be reviewed by a board who will decide if the Lego Land Cruiser will go into production.

Though the project was just submitted at the end of June, more than 4,500 people have already pledged their support and their desire to see this innovative creation become a standard Lego set. Matthew has gone to great length to include a stunning amount of detail into the project, even mastering small touches such as the engine bay, dashboard, glove box, gear sticks, and foot pedals.

This level of detail is very noticeable and has caught the attention of many people. The Land Cruiser is a popular model for many people and Matthew remembers his expeditions in his. He recalls many fun memories and has drawn inspiration from this in order to make this impressive Lego model.

To browse for Land Cruisers and other types of impressive Toyotas, visit Miller Toyota to speak with a qualified sales representative. Also be sure to support the Lego project in order to help it become eligible to be an official set.

September 23, 2015
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