Guide to Help You Identify Failing Brakes on Your Used Toyota Tacoma in Manassas

There are several warning signs to look for when it comes to a malfunctioning automobile. Often times the problem is one or two select parts that have managed to go bad due to improper maintenance. It is important to keep up with regular checks and to make sure that all parts of a vehicle remain in working order. This is especially crucial when it comes to important parts like the brakes.

failing brakes


While a scratch on the paint or a lackluster engine can be frustrating, problematic brakes can lead to accidents. It is vital that drivers understand the warning signs to look for and correct malfunctioning brakes quickly and efficiently. Many imagine this task to be highly complicated, but checking for bad brakes can be as simple as taking a quick glance or listening closely.

Brakes use fluid and the fluid tank needs to remain at a certain level in order to keep this important part functioning properly. There are markings on the inside of the tank which indicate how much fluid should be inside. If the fluid is below these markers, it should be refilled slowly in order to make sure that excess does not get inside other parts of the vehicle.

Sometimes fluid can be full but it can be polluted. This can occur even when the tank is sealed properly. Condensation allows water and air to contaminate the fluid. Microscopic holes can also allow improper flow of air, water, and other debris. If the fluid is contaminated, the entirety of the fuel should be replaced.

Brake pads will make a loud screeching noise when pressed if they are becoming worn down. This makes them easy to identify, where as a brake booster will need to be checked with a vacuum measurement tool. In order to find out more information about brakes and other safety measures, visit Miller Toyota for more information.

September 9, 2015
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