Getting to Know the Toyota RAV4’s Navigation System Functions

Toyota RAV4’s JVC NT3HDThe Toyota RAV4’s JVC NT3HD Navigation System is one of the more popular features of modern Toyotas. While GPS units and apps can provide navigational assistance, Toyota wanted to raise the bar with a custom program designed to integrate with these options while also providing unique capabilities that other vehicle manufacturers lacked.

While the Toyota RAV4 has a number of impressive features, the JVC NT3HD stands out in numerous ways. The 6.1 inch LCD display has touch-screen capabilities and has the ability to direct drivers through their destinations through the use of two-dimensional maps. These have three-dimensional and zoom capabilities, as well as the ability to provide audio cues for navigation purposes. Complete traffic information is also given, as well as construction, on-road accidents, and other events which may lead to traffic or delays.

Users will start by setting a specific destination into the NT3HD. Destinations can be inputted through the touch-screen keypad, the phone number of the destination, or by browsing local points of interest. Drivers may also connect their mobile phones to allow for conversations while keeping both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road.

The device also allows users to read traffic headlines whenever the vehicle is stopped. This is great for getting updates while stuck in traffic, as the system will update again once the vehicle starts moving once more. The users may also listen to music in a number of different ways and enjoy an entertaining and comfortable journey. The JVC NT3HD Navigation System is easy to learn and provides a glimpse into the future of innovative and versatile navigational technology.

This navigation system provides drivers with a number of conveniences for a safe, efficient, and worry-free ride every time. Standing out from traditional navigational tools, this system shows Toyota’s commitment to excellence. To see this commitment in person and test drive a vehicle with the navigation system visit Miller Toyota.

September 1, 2015
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