Expand Your Palate With These Local Ethnic Restaurants

Ethnic Restaurants

Are you in a meal rut? Burgers, pizza, steak. It seems like you always have the same things. It’s time to expand your horizons by trying some ethnic cuisine. You might be surprised to learn that Manassas is full of ethnic restaurants that serve Indian, Ethiopian, Pakistani, and Lebanese cuisine. Check these places out, so you can finally break out of that rut you’re in.

Preet Palace

Preet Palace has so many great options. Consider trying the chicken biryani with extra rice. Keep in mind this dish has a bit of a kick to it. But if you like spicy food, you’ll love it. The butter chicken is another tasty dish. It’s not quite as spicy, and you will love every bite.

Manna Bistro and Bakery

Manna Bistro and Bakery is the place to go for Ethiopian cuisine. Many of the menu items are spicy, but if you don’t like that, just talk to the wait staff. Your waiter or waitress will help you pick something out that doesn’t have much of a kick to it. There are so many options that it’s hard to choose. Consider getting a vegetarian platter and a meat dish such as chicken. This will be much more food than you need, but this way, you can have your fair share of veggies to complement the meat. Oh, and don’t forget to eat some injera. It’s so soft and fresh and goes great with all the dishes.

Zamzam Kabobs House

Zamzam Kabobs House serves delicious Pakistani cuisine. The buffet is so good here. It’s not a super big buffet, but every item is absolutely delicious. Be sure to try the kadhi pakora and the kabobs. Also, chat up the owner. He will give you some ideas based on your tastes.

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Layla’s Lebanese Restaurant

Planning to try Lebanese food for the first time at Layla’s Lebanese Restaurant? The chicken shawarma and kafta kabob are both excellent choices to start. Both options are very flavorful, and even picky eaters like them. You should also try the kafta b’tata. This dish is made of lamb kafta, potato chunks, and tomato stew. The lamb here is among the best around. Even if you don’t normally like lamb, you should give it a try.

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December 24, 2018
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