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Holiday Drama Workshop

Does your child have a flair for drama? Do you think it would be good for your kid to have an outlet for expression? Considering signing your son or daughter up for the Holiday Drama Workshop at the Center for the Arts of Greater Manassas/Prince William County. This workshop is open for kids aged 5–7 and will take place on Dec. 26–28, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The course costs $80 for non-members and $68 for members.

Check out some reasons why it’s a good idea to enroll your child in an acting workshop.

Teaches Kids How to Adapt

It’s often hard for kids to adapt to changing situations. Of course, lots change when kids are growing up, so they can get quite moody. Acting classes teach kids how to roll with the punches and adapt when situations change. This is a great life lesson that your child can learn early on by taking the workshop.

Helps Them Gain Self-Confidence

Does your child lack self-confidence? Drama classes can help. Your son or daughter will learn how to speak in front of others. Over time, he or she will realize it’s not all that frightening. This skill can pour over into the classroom and other places.

Teaches Teamwork

The ability to work with a team is an important skill to have. Actors are rarely on the stage by themselves. They typically have to work with others, so taking classes can help. Your child will understand the importance of working nicely with others and might even walk away with a few new friends.

Inspires Creativity

Creativity is another great skill to have. You want your child to dream and think that the impossible is possible from time to time. Acting teaches kids to think outside the box. Your child can use that newfound skill in school and later, in the workforce.

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Provides an Emotional Outlet

Kids can be emotional beings. They have a lot going on, and it can be hard for them to let it all out. Acting provides them with a healthy outlet for emotional expression. With the help of acting classes, your child will be adept at expressing and dealing with emotions.

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December 17, 2018
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