What’s Included In the 2013 Camry LE?

Camry LE Offers Several Upgraded Camry Features

2013 Toyota Camry LE shown in Magnetic Gray Metallic

2013 Toyota Camry LE shown in Magnetic Gray Metallic


The 2013 Toyota Camry comes in four different models – Camry L, Camry LE, Camry SE and Camry XLE. One of our most popular models – the Camry LE – offers our Miller Toyota customers several important features while maintaining an affordable price. The Camry LE is the most popular Camry on our lot so I thought this post could go over several of the features that are included with a 2013 Camry LE.

Remote keyless entry system – Upgrade to the Camry LE and you will receive the Toyota remote keyless entry system. This system is not included in the base L model. I know I really on the keyless entry system every day to lock my Toyota, so this is a very important feature to me.

2 12V auxiliary power outlets – This is a small but important feature to the Camry LE. I know my family and I use every available power outlet on our road trips. With the Camry LE you will have 2 power outlets to charge your devices with. The Camry L only has one, which could leave someone with a dead iPad in the middle of a trip.

Under The Hood – You will find the same Toyota engine and transmission under the hood of the Camry LE and Camry L.

6.1 Inch Touchscreen Display Audio – Every Camry LE includes a large 6.1 inch AM/FM/CD player in the dashboard. This Display Audio panel controls your Camry LE’s six speaker system and includes an auxiliary and USB jack. This means you can hook up the iPhone you charged with the power outlets mentioned above and play your tunes directly through the Camry LE’s system. This is a huge upgrade over past models. You can even hook up your iPhone to the Camry LE via Bluetooth technology to wirelessly play music and make calls.

So if you are ready to get into a 2013 Toyota Camry LE today, come visit us at Miller Toyota. The 2014 model will be here soon, so come visit us today to get a great price on a 2013 model.



August 28, 2013
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