Edmunds Names Toyotas As Best Used Cars

2010 Toyota Highlander

Toyota’s reputation for reliability and value is what places it among the top automakers in the world. Drivers know they can trust their Toyota thousands of miles down the road. In fact, Toyota has three vehicles in the 2013 Best Used Cars list compiled by Edmunds.com. Manassas drivers will want to keep these vehicles in mind when shopping for their next used car, truck, or SUV:

Toyota Highlander

Deemed the best used Midsize SUV/Crossover, the 2006-2011 Toyota Highlander burst out of the gate running as one of the first of its kind. Manassas drivers love the Highlander for it’s drivability, comfortable ride, and generous cargo capacity. In addition, low upkeep costs and quality you can count on all make the Highlander perfectly suited for families on the go. Plus, the available AWD system inspires confidence in all conditions. With both 4- and 6-cylinder engine options, drivers can pick which one best suits their lifestyle. “Either of the two generations represented here (2001-’07 and 2008-’13) are solid picks,” says Edmunds.com.

Here are some model highlights:

  • The added third row seat became optional in 2004 and standard in 2008.
  • For added versatility, look to the 2011 model year in which the rear seats adopted a 50/50-split folding design.
  • The Highlander hybrid became available in 2006 bringing drivers competent acceleration and class-leading fuel economy with its V6 engine, battery pack and electric motors.


The Toyota Tacoma

The 2006-2011 Toyota Tacoma gets the best used Compact Truck title. The Tacoma epitomizes Toyota’s lasting quality. Plus, the Tacoma has so many styles and options to offer Manassas drivers, there’s practically a Tacoma for everyone. A variety of cab styles, bead lengths, trim levels, and powertrains mean weather you need something that’s suitable for the family, outdoor capability, or street style; the Tacoma has you covered.

The Toyota Prius

It just makes sense that the first mass-produced and best-selling hybrid should be named as the best used hybrid. Edmunds.com places gives the title to its rightful owner: the 2006-2011 Toyota Prius. It’s not only known for it’s signature exterior styling. The Toyota Prius “devotes most of the car’s body length to passenger and cargo space,” says Edmunds.com, to provide comfort and convenience for all. The space-saving hatchback design also makes it “a snap to park in tight spaces” and perfectly suited to the city life. The Prius delivers on it’s promise of excellent fuel economy, but doesn’t back down from providing competent performance. A hint for taller drivers: The second-generation, launched in 2010, grants more vertical comfort.

You can find the Toyota Highlander, Tacoma, and Prius at Miller Toyota in Manassas.

September 10, 2013
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