Things Are Heating Up: Use This Summer Car Care Checklist

With warmer weather now upon us, the urge to get out and about has kicked in. This means more fun in the sun with road trips, beach excursions, family get-togethers, barbeques, and more. If you want to do all these things safely, you must take the time to ensure that your vehicle is in pristine condition to handle the rigors of the road.


This includes getting routine auto maintenance at a reliable service center. If you live in Manassas, VA, this means dropping your vehicle off at Miller Toyota's state-of-the-art service center. Our services include everything from oil changes, tire repair and replacement, fluid checks, battery replacement, wheel alignments, inspections, filter changes, and much more.


If you do plan on spending a good portion of your summer hitting the road, do not hesitate to schedule a service appointment with us so that we can guarantee that your vehicle returns to the road in peak condition. The things that you need to get looked at first and foremost include:


Test Your Air Conditioning System


There's nothing worse than a broken air conditioning system. To avoid that situation, bring your vehicle down to our service center and have our technicians inspect your fluids and ensure that there are no leaks and that cold air is blowing. Signs of air conditioning problems include:

  • No cold air.
  • No air coming from the vent.
  • AC smells like mildew.
  • AC makes noise when turned on.
  • Air conditioning goes from cold to hot.

If you notice any of these signs, we recommend that you swing by our service center today. Our skilled technicians are standing by to assist. 


Top Off Fluids


In addition to inspecting your air conditioning system, you want to ensure that all of your fluids are topped off. This includes your coolant, oil, transmission, brake, power steering, windshield wiper fluid, and more. You want to be certain that your vehicle is properly prepared to take to the road. You can get your fluids checked in one appointment here at Miller Toyota.


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Schedule A Wheel Alignment


A wheel alignment is necessary to ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly. Potholes and poorly maintained roads will wreak havoc on your suspension system. An alignment simply assures that your tires meet the road at the proper angle, which helps improve your gas mileage, offers a smooth ride, and increases your tire's life.


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May 9, 2022
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