Red, White, & Blue Kid-Friendly Crafts For Memorial Day

While you’re planning for Memorial Day, take some time to educate your kids about the significance of the holiday. Then, help them create a few patriotic crafts. These red, white, and blue crafts are perfect for kids.

Patriotic Ribbon Streamers

Ribbon streamers are a simple craft to make that also provides a teaching opportunity. You can tell your little one about some of the ribbons and awards that soldiers are given for their service in the military while they put together these patriotic streamers. If you plan to attend a Memorial Day parade, they’ll have fun waving the streamers as it passes.

Memorial Day Popsicle Flags

If your kids are older and like flexing their independence, you may be looking for a craft they can do without much help. These Memorial Day Popsicle Flags will be a big hit. All it takes to make this craft is a little craft paint, glue, brushes, and several popsicle sticks. You may need to give some minor directions, but your little one can complete most of this project on their own.

American Flag Rockets

These American Flag Rockets are a win-win-win. To make them, you’ll need recycled toilet paper rolls. Crafts that use recycled materials are great. With this craft, you get to complete a cool project with your kids and teach them a little about protecting the environment at the same time. Plus, when it’s complete, you’ll have some fun decorations to put in your yard during your Memorial Day cookout.

Easy Star Wreath

Every holiday needs door decorations, and what’s more perfect for Memorial Day than a red, white, and blue wreath covered in stars. This craft only requires a few supplies. You’ll need a paper plate, red and blue construction paper, glue, a 3-inch StarCraft paper punch, and safety scissors. You’ll also need red, white, and blue ribbons for the finishing touches.


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Patriotic Pencil Toppers

These fun DIY American Star Pencil Toppers are even easier to make. All you need is crafting foam, safety scissors, glue, and pencils. Be sure to supervise your little one while they use the scissors to cut out star shapes. Or, you can pre-cut the foam beforehand and then let them have fun putting all of the pieces together.


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May 16, 2022
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