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Operation Paws for Homes arranges responsible pet adoptions for homes in Virginia and beyond. Their efforts impact the lives of thousands of animals and people each year, but they can always use a helping hand in the process. Consider making a difference in our community by supporting OPH through these opportunities:  


When OPH rescues a dog, the ultimate goal is to find a home where they can live happily ever after. To ensure that the relationship works well for everyone involved, they will work with you to identify the right four-legged friend for your family and living situation. They thoroughly review the details of your adoption application, and then arrange a meeting between you and the dog you want to take home.  


Operation Paws for Homes rescues more than 1,000 dogs each year, and it takes time to ensure that each of these animals is going to the home that’s best for them. In the meantime, the team places these dogs in foster homes while they await adoption into a new family. This transitional phase is vital to prepare the dogs for their new lives. Many of the OPH’s rescues came from environments that lacked the care and attention that any dog deserves, and they may not trust humans at first as a result. Living in a loving foster home allows these dogs to acclimate to people and learn to trust them. 

The fostering experience also allows families who have never owned pets to get an idea of what that involves, and they can then decide if they might be ready for an adoption of their own. You can make a difference for an animal in need regardless of your finances or free time, as OPH will cover all the dog’s preventative care, veterinary costs, crates, and leashes as necessary. If you’d like to open your home for foster care, you can apply HERE

Donate or Volunteer 

Even if you don’t plan on bringing a new friend home, you can still support this worthy cause through your time and resources. The group is always looking for personnel to help with adoption coordination as well as their various events and fundraisers. You can also make a donation to help finance veterinary needs and other expenses. 

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February 10, 2020
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