Sinistral Brewing, Heritage Brewing Co, or BadWolf Brewing – Which Do You Choose?

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If you are in the mood for a craft beer in Manassas, Virginia, you will have multiple options at your fingertips. You just have to take a closer look at the various brews from each local brewery and figure out which best meets your preferences. If all else fails, go to a different one each week to find your favorite.

Sinistral Brewing Co.

Sinistral Brewing Co. was founded by Blane Perry after a move from Portland to Virginia when he couldn’t find craft beer like that he had left behind. He began exploring traditional beer styles with twists and eventually created the brewery. Sinistral is a family-friendly and seven-barrel brewery. It has signature beers, as well as seasonal specialties and experimental beers.

Its beers include Arden’s Amber Ale, an A3 made using crystal and pale malt for a malty finish and subtle toffee and caramel notes. Camryn’s Poker-Faced Porter has roasted malt flavors of crystal, chocolate, wheat, and Maris malts with notes of caramel and chocolate. Sinistral regularly has live music, as well.

Heritage Brewing Co.

Heritage Brewing Co. is the work of Ryan and Sean Arroyo, brothers and veterans. At first, it offered 12 types of beers. Now, it has produced more than 400 types, including distribution of 20 package beers. The Manassas location of Heritage Brewing Co. is the headquarters brewery, as well as a large taproom. There’s a second brewpub and roaster in Arlington.

Heritage has both year-round brews and innovative ones produced for shorter periods of time. Flagship brews include the India pale ale “Freedom Isn’t Free,” the honey lager “Civil Works,” the Scotch ale “Kings Mountain,” and the double IPA “Force Multiplier.” The limited and seasonal releases are known as “Lincoln’s Hat” made in small batches to be released within select areas. Examples include American amber ales, Belgian spiced ales, and East Coast pales.

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BadWolf Brewing

BadWolf Brewing has two locations in Manassas, the BadWolf Brewhouse and BadWolf Phunk House. The brewery is the work of Sarah and Jeremy Meyers, who always use all-natural ingredients to create delicious, unpasteurized, and unfiltered beer. Each location has a slightly different selection on tap, but you will find a wide range at either one.

Try the Amber ale “Jesse’s Girl,” “Blackreach Stout” with its note of chocolate, “McClendon’s Red” that combines features of a cream ale with an Irish Red, or “The Grape Scenario” that is a Berliner Weisse with cardamom and grapefruit. In addition to the brews, BadWolf Brewing regularly hosts food trucks and other events.

No matter which brewery you plan on visiting, Miller Toyota encourages you to drink responsibly or have a designated driver take you back to your Manassas, Virginia, home.

May 15, 2018
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