Refresh Your Wardrobe This Summer

It’s summertime, and as we get out and about, it makes sense to dress for the season. Now is a great time to take stock of your wardrobe, so assess what stays, what goes, and what you need to look your best for the warm days ahead.


Start with the Essentials

You can save time each morning by simplifying the choices that go into making your outfit. Arranging your clothes into convenient capsule wardrobes can allow you to combine articles that will complement each other, and you can mix and match the various tops, shoes, accessories, and more within a cohesive style. The basics are key here, so set a foundation for your outfit possibilities with timeless shirts and bottoms in neutral colors to allow maximum interchangeability.


Alternate Accessories

If the core pieces of your wardrobe are fairly neutral, you’ll have no problem swapping out various accessories to vary the look each time you go out. A top might benefit from a light scarf and jeans one day, then come out for a more upscale occasion with jewelry or a sophisticated bag on another evening. You can also enhance each outfit with a statement piece that ties that particular look together.


Take a Look at Yourself

This means more than seeing how your sartorial choices look in the mirror. As you update your wardrobe, take the opportunity to examine how you want your clothes to express yourself. It’s possible that your personal tastes have changed since you last stocked your closet, so don’t hesitate to part with articles that don’t match your style anymore. There’s bound to be a thrift store or charity that would take those donations.

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July 4, 2022
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