Keep Your Skin Safe This Winter

As the colder climate of winter sets in, you may notice that you need a little more TLC to maintain your glowing skin. If you've noticed your skin's a bit dry or flaky, review your skincare regimen with these tips in mind.


Winter Skin Protection Tips


During the winter, your skin loses moisture because cold, dry air steals moisture from wherever it can find it. A lot of times, that means it's whisking away the moisture in your skin. When your skin loses moisture, it also loses elasticity. It can become dry, itchy, flaky, or even cracked. With that being said, there are things you can do to prevent that.

  • Add moisture to your environment by using a humidifier. The added humidity in the air will help rejuvenate your skin and hair.
  • Drink more water. It's easy to forget you still need your daily ounces in the cooler months, but drinking water can help to hydrate your entire body, including your skin.
  • Avoid allergens and be gentle on your skin. Your skin is more fragile during the winter, so take care to avoid irritants and be gentle. It may be a good idea to avoid manual exfoliation.

Winter Facial Cleanser and Body Wash


Take a look at the products you use in this core skincare step to see if your cleanser or body wash may be drying out your skin.

  • Switch to a moisturizing body wash if you don't use one already.
  • Check your face wash for ingredients like glycolic acid, salicylic acid, or other ingredients that have a drying effect and can leave your skin parched.
  • Use warm water instead of hot and keep your shower time short. Long steaming, hot showers might feel great, but they can damage your epidermis and prevent it from locking in moisture.

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Winter Moisturizers


Whenever you wash your face and body, you strip your skin of the natural oils you produce. During the winter, when the environment is conspiring to dry out your skin, it's important to put some moisture back.

  • Don't wait! Moisturize while your skin is still damp. After you shower or wash your face, pat dry and apply your oils, lotions, and moisturizers while your skin is still damp. This will help to lock in moisture.
  • Consider switching to an oil-based moisturizer.
  • Use overnight treatments and masks for extremely dry areas like hands, feet, lips, and elbows. Overnight facial masks can be helpful as well.
January 24, 2022
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