How To Prepare Your Car For Spring

Between the birds chirping, flowers blooming, and pollen drifting through the air, it’s clear that spring has sprung! In fact, March 20 marks the official start of springtime. The change in seasons is the perfect time to prepare your vehicle for warmer days, so take these steps to care for your car.

Clean Inside and Out

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home. Your car could use a good cleanout, too. Road salt and other grime can accumulate on your car through the winter months, so take advantage of the sunnier spring days and give your vehicle’s exterior a good, soapy wash. On the inside, vacuum the seats, clear out any clutter, and take out those floormats to clean up anything that you might have tracked in over the winter.

Replace Old Gear

April showers are just around the corner, so you’ll need to make sure your wiper blades are in good shape. Cold winter weather can be harsh on wiper blades, so it’s worth it to replace them at the start of springtime to make sure they’re ready for the rainy days ahead. You might also have a kit in your car meant for winter weather. Now that the seasons are changing, this would be a good time to take inventory of what’s in that kit and swap out cold-weather gear for more appropriate materials. The blanket and gloves can go, while you might want to replace any water bottles you have stashed away. Make sure you have a flashlight with good batteries, too.

Check the Essentials

Your vehicle’s engine has to work hard in the winter chill, so now’s a good time to check the oil level to make sure it still has enough oil – and that the oil is still clean. While the hood is up, take a look at your wiper fluid level to see if it needs to be topped off. Big changes in temperature can also affect your tires, so don’t forget to check your tire pressure, and if you’ve been riding on winter tires, you can swap those out for all-weather tires now.

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March 20, 2023
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