Grab Some Great Hispanic Food In Manassas

Hispanic food

You are hungry, and you want some great Hispanic food. Sure, you could go to the grocery store, buy some ingredients, and search for a recipe, but it would be so much easier to head to a Hispanic restaurant in Manassas. Head to any of these spots for the perfect meal with your friends and family.

El Sabor

El Sabor is one of the newest restaurants in Manassas, and it sure knows how to make delicious Tex-Mex cuisine. Before getting into the food, though, it’s worth mentioning that this place is huge, and it has gorgeous wall art and décor. When you walk in, you will feel like you’re sitting along the Texas-Mexican border.

Now onto the food. The huge menu is filled with authentic Tex-Mex choices. Start with some queso, and then move onto your entrée. The fajitas are on point, and you can’t go wrong with the enchiladas. Really, though, it’s hard to pick a favorite on the menu because everything is so good.

Tipicos Los Reyes

Tipicos Los Reyes serves up Salvadorian and Tex-Mex cuisine, and it’s divine. Let’s start with the salsa. It has a unique smoky taste to it, and it’s so good you’ll be asking for refills before you leave.

Then there’s the pollo taco. It’s topped with cilantro and onion, and it comes with salsa on the side. After your first bite, you’ll be a believer. You might have had a pollo taco before, but you haven’t had one this good.

And you can’t talk about this place without mentioning the pupusas. They are massive and delicious down to the last bite. You’ll want to work your way through each pupusa on the menu.

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Zandra’s Taqueria

Tacos reign supreme at Zandra’s Taqueria. The inside of the restaurant might be small, but it’s big on flavor. When you open the menu, you’ll notice that the tacos are arranged by meat, and some of those meats aren’t what you’d expect. For instance, you’ll come across Greek fried chicken and bison, plus some vegetarian options. Oh, and then there’s the grilled Mexican street corn. Now, this item isn’t actually on the menu, but ask for it and the staff will deliver. You’ll be glad you did.

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January 7, 2019
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