Get Your Car Sparkling Clean

Who doesn't love the sight of gleaming fresh paint and that car smell? There's nothing quite like it. Sooner or later though, the newness fades. But not to worry, we've got a few tips to help you get your car sparkling clean so you can recapture that fresh aroma – and look.

Choose The Right Suds

Dishwashing soap can remove grease, but it actually shortens the life of your paint job. So what do you use? They actually make specific soaps for cars, and they're available at most auto parts stores. Remember to use two buckets – one with the soap mixed in and another just with water so you can rinse your sponge.

Don't Forget To Clay-Bar

Have you ever noticed how your car gets dinged with all sorts of crud as you cruise along the highway? Well, some of that is simply too hard to remove with a standard car wash. So, you clay-bar it. It should be fairly easy to find a good clay-baring kit in stores. Just follow the directions on the package to remove all that grime and you should be happy with the results.

Polishing Vs. Waxing

It's easy to get polishing and waxing confused.  The truth is, polishing removes little scratches and imperfections while also buffing your surface to a bright shine. Waxing gives you added protection from the elements with a bit more gloss. We recommend both. Consider a synthetic wax for a better look.

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Air Vent Cleaning

Looks aren't everything. You want the air inside to be fresh as well. Here's an easy trick to help you clean out dust in your air vents. Just pick up a small artist's paintbrush and give it a light dose of furniture polish. Then, brush all the crevices, nooks, and crannies so that the air inside can be as fresh as possible.
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October 10, 2022
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