Get to Know the Toyota Sienna’s History

1998 Toyota Sienna

During its just under two decades, the Toyota Sienna has proven to be exactly what Virginia families need. The Sienna hit the market in 1998. Since then, drivers have fallen in love with its safety record, reliability, and versatility. It has grown since the first model year, but it still has plenty of features and styling cues to remind us of where this Toyota favorite came from. Over the years, it has done much more than just replace the Previa van that came before it.

Toyota Sienna’s Early Model Years

The very first Toyota Sienna was the 1998 Sienna, and it ran on a V6 engine with 194 horsepower. At the time, it had top crash test ratings, 5-star safety ratings, a tire pressure warning system, and standard antilock brakes; the Sienna’s reputation for safety has only improved since then. In 1999, Toyota added a power sliding door to the right side of the Sienna and extra amenities, like a full-size spare tire, an antitheft system, remote entry, and daytime running lights. By 2000, the AM/FM/cassette audio system became standard across the lineup, and the higher trims saw plenty of updates.

Sienna’s 2004 Redesign

The 2004 Toyota Sienna brought a major redesign, marking the first year that a fold-flat third-row seat was offered, and the interior space expanded. In 2006, even more safety features were added, including side curtain airbags to protect the heads of all three rows of occupants and front side-impact airbags. This year also saw new gauge clusters, new headlights, fog lights and taillights, and a new grille. The 2007 Sienna saw the 3.5-liter V6 engine that is the predecessor to today’s powertrain, generating 266 horsepower. This is also when tire pressure monitoring became standard.

Current Sienna Generation

The Sienna saw another complete redesign for the 2011 model year, marking yet another generation. A new 4-cylinder engine was available for the 2011 and 2012 models before disappearing and leaving only the familiar V6 behind in 2013. While the original Sienna offered a CE, LE, or XLE trim, the current version has five different trim levels for drivers to choose from.

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September 5, 2016
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