The Edgar ROHR Memorial Car Show is Coming Soon

Edgar ROHR Memorial Car Show Manassas

The Edgar Rohr Memorial Car Show is coming to Manassas, Virginia! If you have a passion for cars and historic towns, this is the place for you. Cars 1992 and older are welcome. Street rods and modified cars included. You’ll also find post and pre-war vehicles. Be sure to head out to this event on Saturday, September 16!

Historic Town of Manassas

Manassas, Virginia is a historic town. The first major land battle of the America Civil War was held here in July 1861. This is called the First Battle of Bull Run. There was a second fight. This campaign is known as the Second Battle of Bull Run. This battle took place at a railroad crossroads. The roads grew into the town today. The town is in a Historic District. Besides, there are major historical sites such as Cannon Branch Fort and Liberia Industrial and Manassas Industrial School for colored youth.

The slogan goes, “Virginia is for lovers.” How could one not love this town? This historic town is only 30 miles from the Nation’s Capital. If you are a mountain lover, the town isn’t far from the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Edgar Rohr Memorial Car Show is one of many festivals and events the town has. Virginia is for lovers. Manassas is for lovers.

Edgar Rohr Memorial Car Show

Fun is coming to Manassas, Virginia. Edgar had a passion for classic cars. The town will be full of them. There will be awards in 51 classes, with 14 individual awards. The show will be held close to the Manassas Farmer’s Market and one block from the International Food Festival. A few different awards will be given out and of course, the most prestigious award, Edgar Rohr Memorial Award, selected by Chip Rohr.

The 42nd Annual Edgar Memorial Antique Car Show has so much more than cars to offer. For example, free admission to the Manassas Museum. Or try some Barbecue at the 29 Diner tent. Who doesn’t like winning things? Door prizes and 50/50 raffles will be offered too. Miss Hannah Polk will be performing a Country and Western Concert as well.

About Edgar Rohr

You may be wondering, “Who is Edgar Rohr, and why the car show?” If so, here’s some information for you.

Edgar Rohr was Manassas, Virginia’s former Mayor, and former Fire Chief. He opened the Manassas Museum. Edgar Rohr opened the museum mainly so he could store or display his antique vehicles. He gradually started added other collections. Now, car lovers from around the area can come and see some small-town history.

The 42nd Annual Edgar Rohr Memorial Antique Car Show attracts many car lovers from all over. However, there is going to be much more to offer family and friends. There will be lots of food, entertainment, cars, and history in the beautiful town of Manassas, Virginia.


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August 28, 2017
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