Dollar Store DIY

Dollar Store DIY Manassas

Crafting does not have to be expensive. In fact, you can create quality crafts on a dollar store budget. Yes, a dollar store budget.

Stained Glass Wall Art & Personalized Coffee Cups

For instance, you could create stained wall art by using a cheap rubber rug and white spray paint. The rug would be spray painted white and your guests are sure to gush. You can also get a dollar store mug and add some flair with a sharpie and create your own designer mug. Perfect to put your hot or cold beverages in and nobody else would know the difference.

Dollar Store DIY Manassas

Grab Your Glue Gun & Get Ready!

Another fun craft using a plastic tiara, cheap sea shells, pipe cleaner, and glue is the mermaid tiara. All the materials can once again be found at the dollar store. You just glue the pipe cleaner on the tiara and then the sea shells. This craft results in a truly unique headpiece. If you would like to add your own flair, you can color the shells with blue watercolors which can also be found at the dollar store.

For the artsy you, using just yarn, glue and construction paper or white computer paper, you can great works of art by gluing yarn on the paint and make fun designs. This would be a great craft to do with children. You can also make envelopes using magazine pages for sweet little notes. For holidays, there are multiple wreaths you can make like an Easter egg wreath using the plastic Easter eggs and round floral foam which can be found at dollar stores now. These crafts are sure to save a lot of money.


The ideas of Dollar store crafts are truly only limited by your imagination, and if you need inspiration check out Popular Pinterest Pins on Dollar Store Crafts or Visit the Dollar Tree Website for their crafting ideas!

January 12, 2017
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