How the Civil War Helped Shape Manassas

Manassas Battlefield Park

Historic events helped to shape our nation and become what it is today. In the case of Manassas, Virginia there were two very important and crucial, key elements during the Civil War that helped shape the Manassas of today. They were, of course, bloody battles. Like all battles, they were fought on hard soil during perilous times, by more than brave men of valor.

First Civil War Battle in Manassas

The very first battle of the Civil War was fought on the plains of Manassas was the Battle of Bull Run, otherwise known as the First Battle of Manassas. In this battle, which occurred on July the 21st of 1861, President Abe Lincoln had a unique role to play. He summoned volunteers which composed one troop in the battle, the decision having arisen from previous recent uprising and violent protest in the area. This was not fortunate at the time, but something needed to be done nonetheless. Thus, it was war. The Confederates and the Union army of the took part in this battle, which overlooked Bull Run.

Battle of Bull Run Manassas

Second Civil War Battle in Manassas

When war hit Bull Run a second time, the Confederate soldiers managed to hold on to Bull Run in what is also known as the Second Battle of Manassas. This was a three day battle which took place from the dates of August 28 to August 30 of the year 1862.

Second Battle of Bull Run, Manassas, Virginia, Civil War Engraving

What we can conclude from this, as we generally can from all wars in history however great or small, is the mere fact that battles and wars do shape us. Sometimes we realize it, and sometimes we don’t. The effects are there nonetheless, and give us stories of experience, hope, defeat, and so much more. This is what Manassas has done.

January 17, 2017
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