Chill Out with the Family at the Best Ice Cream Joints in Manassas

Manassas Ice CreamHop in your Toyota and take your family to cool off with delicious ice cream. Manassas is home to dozens of delicious options serving frozen treats, including large chains, like Cold Stone Creamery or Sweet Frog Premium Frozen Yogurt, and numerous local businesses. Whether you are taking everyone in your Toyota Sienna or just your immediate family in the Camry, here are some great options to check out.

Kline’s Freeze

Kline’s Freeze has been a Manassas institution for 50 years. It continues to serve delicious ice cream of all varieties. You can get anything from a soft serve cone to a funnel cake sundae. If someone in your group doesn’t want ice cream, you can also get burgers while there.

Nathan’s Dairy Bar

Nathan’s Dairy Bar has been serving soft serve ice cream to Manassas residents since 2001. It was founded and is run by a local family. You will find a rotating list of special soft serve and sherbet flavors to choose from, with flavors changing twice weekly. Examples include fresh strawberry, Nutella, cookies and cream, and black raspberry for ice cream and lemon/lime and pomegranate for the sherbet.

Orange Monkey

Frozen yogurt lovers should consider visiting Orange Monkey instead of a chain that just happens to have a location in Manassas. This small business has plain ice cream and a range of frozen yogurt flavors. You can also buy the pure local honeycomb, which is organic and used in its frozen treats.

Other Great Choices

If you want more options, consider going to Swirlie’s Soft Serve, where you can also find snow cones or Loopy Scoops, the traveling ice cream stand. Other local favorites include 3 Scoops for soft serve, ice cream, milkshakes, cakes, and more, and Betty & Marie’s Gourmet Ice Cream and Cakes with unique flavors, like black walnut and Pop-Tart explosion.

The team at Miller Toyota can help you find the right Toyota to drive to these local Manassas, Virginia, ice cream parlors with your family. We can also recommend floor mats or seat covers if you plan to eat your treat in the car and don’t want to worry about making a mess.

July 7, 2016
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