5 Ways To Replace Toxic Cleaning Products This Spring


How many Pinterest boards, Instagram posts, or TikTok videos have you seen with a new all-natural cleaning solution that you should try? Many people are concerned about the chemicals and toxins in their household cleaners, but with so many alternatives, it's hard to know which ones work and which ones are faulty internet hacks. So, if you're interested in eliminating toxic cleaning products in your home, check out these alternative cleaning solutions.


Lemony Fresh Bleach Replacement


Lemon juice and water can make a wonderfully refreshing drink, but that's not all lemons are good for! You can replace your bleach product with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice. Mix two teaspoons of lemon juice with two cups of hydrogen peroxide for a cleaning solution that won't irritate your skin and eyes the way that bleach products do. As a bonus, you'll avoid the strong chemical smell that bleach leaves behind, and your home will smell lemony fresh instead.


The Power of Vinegar


One of the most referenced cleaning alternatives is vinegar, and that's for a good reason. The acidity of vinegar can remove stains, dissolve adhesive materials, and even help keep pests away. A mixture of equal parts water and vinegar makes an excellent glass cleaner, and it's a wonderful solution for cleaning most floors. Just remember to wipe the solution dry to ensure you don't damage any surfaces.


Baking Soda Degreaser


From spaghetti stains on your Tupperware to the greasy film in your oven, baking soda should be your go-to degreaser. Baking soda can be added to your dishwater or sprinkled over tough grease stains to help clean them up.


Versatile Castile Soap


It's a face wash, an all-purpose cleaner, a dishwashing liquid, a shampoo, a laundry detergent, and even an ant spray. Castile soap is one of the most versatile toxin-free cleaning products you can find on the market today. Check out this list of dilution instructions for all of your different needs.


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Aromatic Essential Oils


Most air fresheners are filled with toxins that your family breathes in daily. As an alternative, try using an essential oil diffuser with lavender or sandalwood oils. They'll make your home a light, refreshing scent, and as a bonus, they both can have a relaxing effect. You can even get an oil diffuser to freshen up your car. Although, if it's that new car smell you're after, come to Miller Toyota and test drive a new model today.


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March 21, 2022
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