2014 Corolla: The Best Features for Your Morning Commute


When searching for a car, the comfort of your daily commute is important, and that is one of the reasons why the 2014 Toyota Corolla is so popular. This compact sedan is affordable yet comfortable, making your morning commute an enjoyable experience.

Driving the 2014 Corolla will make you truly appreciate some of the features this Toyota has to offer. Some help with your morning commute in particular, while others are useful for any type of trip you have planned.


One of the best features in the 2014 Toyota Corolla for your morning commute is Entune. You can get Entune Premium Audio, which lets you connect your smartphone to your car. You can use Entune to listen to your personal music or online radio, such as Pandora. You can also take advantage of the navigation system and the apps that help you stay connected to social media. Entune even has an app to let you search Bing while on the go.

Bluetooth and Voice Recognition

Bluetooth is standard in all Corolla models, and voice recognition is optional. When you combine these two features, you have all you need to stay connected, select music, talk on the phone, and more, all without every taking your hands off of the steering wheel. The voice recognition allows you to simply say a name and it will call using your phone’s contact list, so you can access the address book without physically doing so.

Steering Wheel Controls

To make staying connected on your morning commute even easier, you can also get steering wheel controls on your 2014 Toyota Corolla. These controls allow you to adjust your music, make phone calls, and more without having to take your hands off the wheel to reach over to the console. By keeping your hands on the wheel, you are better able to concentrate on driving and staying safe.


When you get inside a 2014 Corolla, you will notice that the dashboard looks different than what you would normally find in a compact sedan. It is fluid and aerodynamic in style, which lets you enjoy a feeling of luxury and refinement during your drive. Additionally, the unique dashboard means that there is more room to maneuver and spread out within the car, making it more comfortable for you and any passengers you may be carpooling with on the way to work.


A final great feature to help with your morning commute in the 2014 Toyota Corolla is its impressive safety. In reality, this is a combination of smaller safety features that can make it easier to control your car. Toyota’s Star Safety System comes standard with the Corolla and includes ABS, Electronic Brake-force Distribution, Smart Stop Technology, Brake Assist, Traction Control, and Vehicle Stability Control.

If you would like to learn more about the various features that are standard or optional for the 2014 Corolla, visit Miller Toyota in Manassas, Virginia.

June 9, 2014
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