Used Toyota Corolla Buyers Guide

2012 Toyota Corolla 4-door Sedan Auto S (

2012 Toyota Corolla 4-door Sedan Auto S

Nobody who’s ever owned a Toyota would criticize you if you told them you’re looking for a used Toyota Corolla for sale in Virginia. While the Corolla is maybe not the most exciting car you could own, it is one of the most reliable. Right now is a good time to buy, since the new 2014 model is in showrooms. That means there will be a few staunch Toyota fans looking to trade up to the latest incarnation of this solid and reliable vehicle. You stand a good chance of cashing in with a deal on an older model that someone traded in.

Before you start checking out the first used Toyota Corolla for sale in Manassas you come across, it’s a good idea to do a little research. Although the Corolla isn’t known for its tendency to let owners down, it doesn’t hurt to know what to look for when inspecting a used Toyota Corolla.

Know Your Guide Price

Whether you find a used Toyota Corolla for sale in Manassas or end up searching further afield, the chances of you ending up with a lemon are pretty low. However, it makes good sense to try and find a used Toyota Corolla for sale in Chantilly with some time left on the warranty. Then, if any major issues do crop up, you have some cover. Make sure the seller can provide you with the full service history of the vehicle.

Remember to check your guide prices too, especially if you plan to look at a private, non-dealer purchase of a used Toyota Corolla for sale in Manassas. Toyota owners know how popular these cars are. You might find the occasional private sale that’s priced over the odds. If you know your guide prices for the car based on mileage, condition and the year it was built, you won’t get the wool pulled over your eyes.

Research the Insurance Rate

While doing your homework to search for a used Toyota Corolla for sale in Manassas and surrounding areas, get some insurance quotes. After all, you know what your overall budget is, so if you can save some money on a competitive insurance rate, you can spend a little more on the car. With many Toyota owners changing their cars after 3 years, you’re not likely to be restricted to a single option. If you find a slightly more expensive used Toyota Corolla for sale in Chantilly, the money you saved on insurance might get you a very clean, low mileage car.

Try to find a used Toyota Corolla with decent tires. The older models’ original Goodyear tires aren’t that good. Either try to snag one with better tires fitted to it, or replace the originals yourself once you’ve bought the car. Finally, while out on your search for a used Toyota Corolla for sale in the Manass area, don’t forget to come take a look at the models we have in stock at Miller Toyota. We’re not far out of your way and you may just find exactly what you’re looking for.

April 15, 2014
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