Toyota Camry vs Lexus ES


Most people think of the Toyota Camry as an affordable family-friendly sedan and might be a bit surprised when it is compared to a Lexus. When you take a closer look at the features and quality, however, you will quickly realize that the Camry offers many of the same luxury features as the Lexus ES, but at a much more affordable price.


The Toyota Camry LE has a MSRP (including delivery) of only $23,795. Compare that to the Lexus ES 300h, with an MSRP of $41,505. To get a comparably equipped Lexus ES, you would actually have to spend $44,970. That’s more than $21,000 more than the Camry LE, indicating that when buying a Lexus, you pay for the brand name.

Select Your Features

Some drivers who prefer the Lexus may point out that there are more standard features on the ES. When you look at the specs, however, many of the standard features of the Lexus ES are optional on the Toyota Camry, such as the illuminated vanity mirrors and moonroof. This means that Lexus automatically adds every feature possible and charges a higher price. Toyota, however, lets you pay for only the features you want. By picking the Camry, you don’t have to pay for a moonroof unless you want one, and even if you do, your sedan will be cheaper than the comparable Lexus.

Luxury at an Affordable Price

When it comes down to it, the Toyota Camry surprises many drivers with its ability to offer luxury at an affordable price. It includes multiple features most people would only expect from high-end vehicles, such as an outside temperature gauge, heated exterior mirrors, console storage, multifunction remote, one-touch power windows, backup camera, remote release for the fuel filler door, and Bluetooth. In fact, there are several features you get standard on the Camry but not on the Lexus ES, despite the price difference. These include voice activated controls (which are optional on the Lexus), a split folding bench seat in the rear, and overhead console storage.


Even if you look at safety features and ratings, the Toyota Camry holds its own against the more expensive Lexus ES. Both have standard anti-theft protection, brake assist, traction control, low tire pressure indicators, defoggers, stability control, and more. In fact, the list of safety features is nearly identical.

To see for yourself how well the Toyota Camry can stand up against luxury competition, take one for a test drive at Miller Toyota in Manassas, Virginia.

April 13, 2015
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