Tips for Choosing a Fuel-Efficient Toyota in Manassas


Committing to a new car is a big deal. Gas prices are a constant battle, so having the right tools- like a fuel efficient vehicle- is a must. But which of them fits your lifestyle in Manassas? Here are a few tips to aid in your search.

  1. Know what you need.

    While a compact car may give you the best bang for your buck, it’s not exactly a reality if you have a big family. Decide what works best (minivan, SUV, sedan, coupe, truck), rule out models that are out of your price range and go from there. Then you can start comparing fuel efficient vehicles that are more suited to you.

  2. Choose an engine size.

    If you haul a lot of items or people around, you may want to have some power under the hood when you need it. But keep in mind, you’ll pay for that power at the pump. A car with a four-cylinder engine is a more fuel-efficient vehicle than one with a six- or eight-cylinder engine. Choose one that works for you.

  3. Compare online.

    Plenty of online car sites offer comparison tools that let you look at several vehicles side by side and compare gas mileage and other features. With these easy-to-use research tools, everything you need to find the best fuel-efficient vehicle for you is right at your fingertips.

  4. Consider a Hybrid.

    When it comes to big savings at the pump, hybrid vehicles seem an obvious choice—yet they’re often overlooked. Today’s technologically advanced hybrid vehicles offer proven reliability and come in a range of types—from compacts to SUVs. You may pay a little bit more for a hybrid upfront—but the savings at the gas station may be worth it. Consider a fuel-efficient Toyota Prius hybrid.

  5. Buy a new or “newer” car.

    Over the past few years, manufacturers have added a variety of technologies to improve mileage and create the most fuel efficient vehicles available. Be sure to compare new to used before making any decisions.

When you have done your research, let us help you with your decision. Come in to Miller Toyota and we’ll treat you well!

November 16, 2015
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