Theatre Express!

Theatre Express

Creativity is an essential component in children’s development, so it’s probably important to you to provide your child with a creative outlet. One way to do that is to enroll your kids in Theatre Express! This is a perfect chance for your kids to enter into the world of theater. Check out the details below to see if it might be something your little ones are interested in. If you think they might be, then you can sign up today.

What You Need to Know

This session of Theatre Express! begins on July 9 and continues until July 20 at the Center for the Arts. It’s designed for kids ages 8 through 12, so only sign your children up if they fall within this age range. Members will pay only $365 for the workshop, while non-members will be charged $430. Every day, classes will begin promptly at 9 a.m. and will end at 3:30 p.m.

Morning Sessions

Every day, the workshop is split into two sessions. In the morning session, kids will take classes that cover all the basic theater skills they need to perform. These classes include dancing, singing, music, stage makeup, and so much more. It is here that they will learn everything they need to succeed in the world of theater. While it might be basic information for beginners, these are the building blocks your children need to hone their creative skills for the future.

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Afternoon Sessions

After taking a break, the children will then move onto the afternoon session. In the afternoons, they’ll take a musical theater performance workshop. That’s right – they actually get to perform at the end of the class! On the final afternoon, your family and friends can get together to see your little ones perform in the musical. They’re sure to do a great job, so this is definitely going to be a treat for all who get to see it.

Does this sound like the perfect summertime activity for your children? Then sign them up today and get them excited for the beginning of the workshop. Of course, you love your children, and you want to make sure you can take them wherever they want to go. All you have to do to make that a reality is buy a new or pre-owned vehicle from Miller Toyota in Manassas, Virginia. Come by after you drop your kids off at the theater workshop, and then pick them up in something brand-new.

July 9, 2018
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