The Future of Scion and Toyota

Scion ManassasDo a little bit of research, and you will know that Toyota and Scion are closely linked together. Back in 2003, Scion was created as a brand separate from Toyota. It was originally established to help attract younger customers while exploring new products and ideas. Soon, however, Scion will be officially transitioning back into the Toyota family, bringing its innovations and hopefully customers with it.

Why Scion and Toyota Are Transitioning Back Now

This is the perfect time for Scion to begin the transition to Toyota since it has successfully achieved its goals. Scion gave Toyota the opportunity to test out new ideas that would not have been as easy to investigate in the Toyota market. Scion can now bring the innovations that were successful back to Toyota and provide benefits to the entire organization. At the same time, Scion achieved its goal of appealing to a younger demographic. In fact, Scion is known as the youngest brand within the automotive industry, and this has been true for years. The average age of Scion drivers is just 36 years old, younger than it is for other brands. A Scion, the tC sports coupe, is also the vehicle with the youngest average buyer within the entire industry, 29 years old.

Starting the Scion and Toyota Transition

To make Scion’s transition to Toyota easier on employees, car owners, and industry experts, it will be a gradual process. The tC will have a series edition for its final release before production ends this August. August 2016 is also when the model year 2017 Scion models will begin their rebadging as Toyotas. Other models, including the iA sedan, the FR-S sports car, and the iM 5-door hatchback, will also join the Toyota lineup. Toyota will also welcome the C-HR that debuted at the recent L.A. Auto Show.

If you have any questions about the transition from Scion to Toyota or would like to learn more about a specific Scion or Toyota model, the team at Miller Toyota in Manassas, Virginia, can assist you.

April 11, 2016
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