Summer Series At The Pavilion

Ice Cream Social

Summer’s here, which means two things. It’s time for music, and it’s time for ice cream. Get them both for free by attending the Summer Ice Cream Social Concert with the Kings Park Band on June 17 at the Harris Pavilion. This event runs from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., and it checks all the boxes for summer fun. Between the sweet stuff and the sweet music, you’ll have a blast at this concert.

Meet the Kings Park Band

The Kings Park Band is going to be the star of the event, and it has a really cool origin story. It formed back in 1965. It had nine members and used a basement for rehearsal space, where the band members used donated music to practice.

Oh, how times have changed. Now, the band consists of more than 55 adults, and it even has a professional conductor. That’s a far cry from its humble beginnings.

This is a community band, and anyone can join as long as they were a member of the high school or college band. Once people join, they get to play everything from light classics to standard band tunes.

About the Ice Cream Social

What could you possibly need to know about an ice cream social, right? You go and eat ice cream. Enough said.

Well, this ice cream social is a little cooler than most. Not only will you get to eat ice cream, but you can talk to the band as well. You’ll be invited to ask the band questions while chowing down on the ice cream. You will certainly come up with a few things to ask after watching the band’s performance.

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Additional Concerts

This summer concert series is every Sunday through August 26. The event starts at the same time every week, and always includes ice cream. If you want to introduce your kids to music, lure them to the pavilion with ice cream, and then have them listen to all of the amazing bands. They’ll be hooked.

Ice cream and music make for a great summer. Is it possible to make the summer any better? Actually, yes, it is possible. Don’t stop with the music and ice cream. Take the good times to the next level with a new vehicle from Miller Toyota in Manassas, Virginia. With your new set of wheels, you can zip around Manassas and beyond with ease. Road trips and basic commutes are so much more fun in a new Toyota.

June 11, 2018
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