Stay Organized This Back To School Season

Nothing changes the rhythm of your household like the beginning of a new school year. Mornings become a mad dash to shuttle your little ones off to school with everything they need for an enriching day in class. Evenings become filled with extracurricular activities, sports, and every child's least favorite task --- homework. The transition from the easy-breezy days of summer can be overwhelming, but we found a list of great back-to-school tips to help you stay organized this school year. Check them out below.


Create a Homework Station


Help your kids hit the ground running this school year by designating a place in your home as their homework station. Their homework station should be an area in your home that is as far away from distractions as possible. You can set the space up in any room of your home just make sure it is a place where they will be able to focus. For example, you wouldn't want to designate an area where they will have a clear view of a television that is always on. After you've picked a space and removed as many distractions as possible, stock it with paper, pens, pencils, markers, and any other material they will need to complete their homework each day.


Make a Snack Bin


Since most parents are arriving home at the same time as their children, providing freshly baked cookies as an afternoon snack is out of the question for most households. Instead, grab a basket or bin, fill it with nutritious snacks, and place it in an easy-to-reach location so your children can serve themselves.


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Set Up a Parent Inbox


School forms, permission slips, report cards, and notes from the teacher all have a habit of getting lost in transit. This probably seems inevitable when five and six-year-olds are the mail carriers and the mailbox (a busy parent) is a moving target. To avoid this issue, set up a parent inbox. Place a tray or bin in an area where both you and your child will notice new items. Instruct your little one to use the tray to turn in any documents that need your attention.


Put one or all of these back-to-school tips into use in your household and have an amazing school year.


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August 22, 2022
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