Plan An Eggcelent Easter Egg Hunt

Sunday, April 18 is going to be one eggcellent day. It's time to gather the family, plan for a visit from the Easter bunny, and fill your tummies with casseroles and honey-glazed ham. Of course, it's not Easter without an egg hunt, so check out these steps to planning this classic Easter activity.


Find a Date


Will you be celebrating Easter with your family on the actual holiday or at an alternative time? Before you get started with the logistics, be sure to set a date with your friends and family, that way everyone can be in on the fun!


Deciding on a Location


Now that you have set a date, do you have the space in your yard for the Easter egg hunt? Perhaps one of your family members lives on a substantial amount of land. You will need a wide space with lots of little spots for hiding the eggs. If April showers appear, you can always stick with your date and host the egg hunt indoors.


Gathering Eggs


Are you considering using real eggs? While that may feel traditional, there is a lot less risk and mess with plastic eggs. Not to mention, you can stuff the plastic eggs with fun goodies like candy, $1 bills, and slips of paper with tricks or clues. If you are struggling to figure out how many eggs you need, estimate about 10 eggs per child participating.


Don't Forget Baskets


Now that your egg inventory is set, make sure you have something for the little ones to throw their eggs in. If you want to keep it simple, have everyone bring their own basket, or if you want them to match, head over to the dollar store to find a basket or bucket of some sort.


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Let the Littles Go First


You are almost set and ready for your hunt! Although, make sure you have a plan for how you will let the age groups start. Consider letting the little kids start a few minutes ahead. A minute later, let the next age group go, and so on.

April 4, 2022
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