Mommy & Me Classes in Manassas

Mommy Classes Manassas

The relationship with your children is one of the most beautiful forms of human bonding. Mothers (or fathers) taking classes with their adored little ones is a great opportunity to get involved in their lives, and also a guarantee to have a great bit of fun along the way.

Busy Bees at GMS Gymnastics

Stay Fit and Active With Your Child at Busy Bees at GMS Gymnastics. This activity is for children from the age of 1-2; Busy Bees provides young children with the ability to be active and have fun with their mothers. Taking place in the gymnasium, these classes are for walking toddlers that will have the opportunity to use their new skill to explore various structures.

AquaMobile Swim School

AquaMobile Swim School offers infant swimming lessons through various stages. These private lessons are for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, providing them with the confidence needed to swim for the first time. Customize these classes to fit your schedule. These lessons may take place in your own pool. Each child is given a report card on their skill development, and they receive awards as the progress in ranking.

Miss Roberta’s Music Together

Miss Roberta’s Music Together explores children’s natural musical ability. Music has been a form of expression, since the dawn of time. These lessons will allow your child’s musical skills to grow and expand, naturally. This program allows the children to focus on particular instruments if they choose to do so.

The Little Gym of Gainesville

The Little Gym of Gainesville provides classes that concentrate on developing your child’s cognitive ability. The first three years of a child’s life are critical, providing the foundation for the rest of their lives. This program allows for children to develop cognitive skills, including muscle coordination, motor skills, and language comprehension. Children will gain a sense of self-accomplishment, throughout this course.

Our kids are our future, and it is imperative that we care for them, providing the essential knowledge necessary to live a happy and healthy life. Through the many classes offered in Manassas, Virginia, you will be able to develop your relationship with your children; From an early age, your kid will be able to develop vital skills that will carry with him/her for life.


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March 15, 2017
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