Grab A Cup Of Coffee At These Manassas Coffeehouses

Cup Of Coffee

It’s finally starting to get colder in Manassas, and you know what that means. You’re going to be searching all over town for the best cup of coffee to warm you up and the best coffeehouse to relax, do some work, or get a little reading done. But where should you go? Here is a list of some of the best coffeehouses and coffee shops in the area. Whether you just want to stop in for a quick drink or you want to stay and work a while, you will love these options.

Jirani Coffeehouse

Jirani Coffeehouse is a book lover’s dream come true. Even if it weren’t for the huge bookshelves filled with some of the best titles of all time, it would still be a cozy and relaxing place to get a cup of coffee and enjoy your favorite book. This place is quiet, so it’s ideal for reading and getting work done. And the best part? It offers so much more than coffee. In fact, you’ll definitely want to try out one of the sandwiches while you’re there. They are so good.

Grounds Central Station

Not only is Grounds Central Station conveniently located, but it’s also one of the best places to work in town. This place has a relaxed setting that makes it perfect for a cup of coffee with friends or even a meal. That’s right – this coffeehouse serves breakfast and lunch. Fill up on some tasty food while you enjoy your coffee, and you’ll want to go back time and time again.

DeClieu Coffee & Sandwich

If you’re looking for a coffeehouse that only serves the highest-quality beans, you can’t overlook DeClieu Coffee & Sandwich. The coffee here is seriously amazing, and you have a wide variety of coffee drinks to choose from. Oh, and as the name implies, you can also enjoy a sandwich or other food items here. But perhaps the best part of this coffeehouse is the atmosphere. It’s got a modern appearance and feel that makes you feel welcome as soon as you step in the door. Don’t just get your coffee and leave ­­– make sure to stay a while, so you can enjoy the atmosphere as well as the coffee.

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Trummer’s Coffee Wine Bar

Can’t decide whether you want coffee or wine? That’s a hard decision. But at Trummer’s Coffee Wine Bar, you don’t have to choose. You can enjoy both! Check this place out when you want a late-night coffee or just a nice glass of wine.

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October 22, 2018
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