How To Keep Your Kids Active During the Summer

Experts recommend that children get at least one hour of physical activity each day. Not only is it fun, but regular activity also has a wide range of benefits. Here are a few ideas for keeping your children active, even in the sweltering heat of summer.

Just Add Water

It’s tempting to want to stay indoors when the temperature outside is so intense. However, there are ways of getting in some outdoor fun while still staying cool. Consider turning on your lawn sprinklers and letting the kids run through them, or set up a slip and slide. If you don’t have one, an inexpensive roll of plastic sheeting from the hardware store works just as well. If your kids have friends nearby, invite them over for a water balloon battle. Any activity that involves water will automatically bring some relief from the heat.

Keep it Inside

If the heat is still too much to bear, there are always options for staying active inside. Push back the furniture, dim the lights, turn on some music, and host a dance party. If electronics are their thing, invest in active video games that incorporate movement, like boxing or fitness. For smaller children, games like Simon Says can easily be turned into an excuse to move around.

Make Work a Game

Not all exercise has to be pure sport. Kids often get just as much enjoyment from learning to do grown up things or helping you around the house. Make tasks like vacuuming fun by adding some dance moves. Have a race to see who can put away their laundry the fastest. Consider offering incentives for pitching in with household chores. Checking off some to-dos while keeping your kids active is a win-win for everyone.

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Take the Show on the Road

If you can’t find a way to stay active and cool at home, think outside the box. Go for a bike ride. Visit a local pool or body of water for a swim. Find a park with plenty of shade, and spend some time on the playground or walking trails. If cost isn’t an issue, spend the afternoon at a trampoline park, climbing gym, or another type of play place near you.

July 18, 2022
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