How Does the 2016 Toyota 4Runner Compare to the Competition?

2016 4Runner ManassasThe 2016 Toyota 4Runner fills a unique need in the world of SUVs, offering plenty of space and incredible off-road capabilities. When you take a look at how the 4Runner holds up to the competition, most other models fall behind in at least one category.

Off-Roading in the 4Runner

One of the areas in which the 2016 4Runner truly excels is off-roading. Its construction helps provide the rigidness necessary for tackling any terrain, and it actually lets drivers choose from two 4-wheel drive systems. The Nissan Pathfinder, Ford Explorer, and most other competitors only offer one 4-wheel drive system. In terms of off-roading, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is the only real competitor, but even it can’t keep up with the 4Runner TRD Pro. That particular off-roading model has TRD-tuned springs, rear remote reservoirs in the TRD Bilstein high-performance shocks, and a sturdy aluminum skid plate.

2016 Toyota 4Runner Seating Capacity

You will be hard pressed to find a competitor for the Toyota 4Runner that lets you choose the number of seats that you need. The Jeep Grand Cherokee has seating for five while the Nissan Pathfinder and Ford Explorer seat seven. The Toyota 4Runner can seat five or seven passengers depending on how you configure it, helping it appeal to a wider range of potential drivers.

Toyota 4Runner Cargo Capacity

Additionally, the cargo capacity of the 2016 4Runner is ahead of the class, making it incredibly convenient to bring whatever you need with you no matter where you go. The 4Runner has an impressive 47.2 cubic feet behind the rear seats or 89.7 cubes when they are folded down. By comparison, the Ford Explorer has 43.9 cubes behind its second row and 81.7 behind the first and the Jeep Grand Cherokee has 36.3 and 68.3 cubes, respectively. Even the Nissan Pathfinder will only give you up to 79.8 cubic feet.

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August 29, 2016
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