Highlander Named Best In Class By JD Power


The 2014 Highlander was recognized as the best mid-size SUV by JD Power US automotive rating. The 2014 model got a complete redesign as a part of the new Toyota approach towards vehicle manufacturing. This new approach proved to be a winner right from the start.

The 2014 vehicle dependability study by JD Power measured problems that vehicle owners experienced over the past years and evaluated 202 different issues. The level of problems that vehicle owners had to deal with was taken in consideration for the final rating.

The Highlander: A Great Experience on the Road

The 2014 Toyota Highlander impresses with a number of features, which have contributed to the amazing distinction.

The roofline of the car has been transformed completely. It has become longer and wider but the new Highlander is slightly lower than its predecessors. There is a new, six-speed automatic transmission to go with the 4-cylinder V6 engine.

Toyota has focused predominantly on ensuring a more comfortable ride. The team of engineers worked on reducing the noise level inside the car. Insulating materials are used to bring down the traffic noise and several Toyota models even have a new side mirror design.

In addition to all of these innovations, the Highlander comes with additional cargo space, easier access to the car’s third-row seats, a medley of innovative safety features and optional AWD with dynamic torque control.

Beautiful and functional, Highlander has everything that a mid-size SUV should be equipped with. We don’t think that the car could get any better and if you want to learn everything about its innovative features, you can certainly pay us a visit at Miller Toyota.

October 20, 2014
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