Favorite TV Shows By State

Favorite TV Show By State Virginia

If you’ve ever lived in another state you may not have noticed it but you probably watched a different show more frequently than you would have in another location. It may have something to do with where the show itself takes place. There is something in us that makes it nice to identify with television shows showing familiar places.

Familiar Shows

For Southern Californians there was a time when you stayed home to watch shows like Baywatch, Beverly Hills 90210, and Melrose Place. New Yorkers loved NYPD Blue and Law & Order. But the most watched show in California was actually Full House and New York was The Soprano’s. Not too big of surprise for either locale.

Fuller House TV Show By State Virginia

Virginia’s Roots

Virginia is the the one state that had the highest ratings ever for the series Roots. A good part of the series takes place in Virginia. The series was shown in 1977 and Virginians obviously had a real need to watch this piece of history. Currently the favorite tv show in Virginia is Homeland. Homeland takes place in Virginia’s CIA Counterterrorism Center.

Homeland TV Show By State Virginia

You can look at some of the online polls and you won’t be all too surprised by what shows rate high in certain states. In one poll Nevada is Reno 911, Texas is Walker Texas Ranger, and Florida well not too hard to figure out is Golden Girls. These shows aren’t even new shows but still as popular as ever.

The bottom line is that people like to identify with characters in shows and seeing familiar sites helps. As much as we have obvious differences, when it comes to TV shows it’s amazing how similar people living in the same area truly are.


November 15, 2016
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