Father’s Day 2017 Archery Competition at The Salamander Resort!

Archery Competition

It’s that time of year again! It’s almost summer, which means Father’s Day is right around the corner as well. If you’re like any good spouse, son, or daughter, then you’re probably wondering what to do for dear old dad. He’s already got enough tools and last year that breakfast-in-bed really got into bed- he’s still the got the scar to prove it. So, what do should you do? You could continue the route of mediocrity and attempt to find your hard-to-shop-for dad the perfect present. Or, maybe instead of buying something for dad, you should do something WITH dad.

Archery Competition at Salamander Resort

That’s it! An activity to do with dad would be perfect! But what should you do with dad? Camping? Fishing? Hiking? How about combining the outdoors with a more involved sport? If you live near Manassas, Virginia then there’s an event that’s perfect for you and dad: a friendly archery competition! It takes place at Salamander Resort and Spa’s rustic grounds. You can reserve a spot for the event by calling Salamander Resort and Spa. The archery competition takes place at 1:00 pm on June 17th. It’s only $45 per team.

Family-Friendly Competition

The resort provides all the necessary equipment and has ensured that it’s a novice event so you and dad do not need to be pros in order to be bulls-eye buddies! Salamander Resort is also only about a 45-minute drive outside of Manassas, Virginia which makes it a great opportunity for quality time with Dad.

Instead of attempting to make a better breakfast, adding another hammer to dad’s toolbox, or looking all over town for that perfect gift this year, consider the fun you could have by doing something with dad. Virginia’s clear mountain air is the perfect setting to do an activity with dad. This year let Father’s Day truly celebrate dad by making lasting memories near Manassas, Virginia with a friendly archery competition at Salamander Resort and Spa. Also, if you are looking for safe transportation to get you there, check out the vehicles at Miller Toyota!

June 13, 2017
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