Learn From The Pros At Dizzy Pig’s Discovery Class

Discovery Class

Do you want to learn how to barbecue like a pro? Well, the Dizzy Pig’s Discovery Class might just be right for you. In this outdoor cooking class, you’ll learn about barbecuing from the pros in the business. They will teach you all the tricks you need to know to wow your guests with your cooking. Whether you just want to be a better home barbecuer or you want to learn how to compete with the best, this is the cooking class you should take.

Cooking on the Big Green Egg

You’ve probably cooked on a normal grill before. Those are fine, but have you ever barbecued on a Big Green Egg? You may have seen these grills before. As the name suggests, they are green and shaped like an egg. However, they are slightly different than traditional grills. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get instructions on how to use them before you try them out for the first time. Luckily, it’s one of the main skills you’ll learn at the discovery class.

Ingredients and Food Pairings

The best barbecuers know that it is about so much more than just a slab of meat. The ingredients you choose and the food pairings you opt for can make or break your dish. That’s why you’ll learn how to pick the freshest and most satisfying ingredients and how to pair those ingredients with other foods and flavors that complement them when you attend the Dizzy Pig’s Discovery Class.

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Rubs and Sauces

Even if you know how to cook your meat like a pro, it’s not going to taste amazing unless you have a firm knowledge of different rubs and sauces. A good dry rub can completely transform a dish, and you obviously have to learn how to make a good barbecue sauce in the class. Make sure to take plenty of notes, so you can wow your family or friends with the next barbecued dish you make.

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October 8, 2018
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