Distracted Driving Simulator

We’re excited to announce our Distracted Driving Simulator event taking place November 18th from 11am-5pm! Invite your friends! We will be providing free soft drinks and snacks.

Distracted Driving Simulator

Texting can be more dangerous than alcohol to drivers (some studies say up to eight times more dangerous). Laws are being passed in many states to ban texting while driving, and a large number of PSAs are being broadcast on internet and television. Thanks to our partnership with the PEERS Foundation, the dangers of texting while driving can now be experienced in a safe, controlled environment.

PEERS Foundation

The PEERS Foundation is a nationwide health and wellness foundation based in Grand Rapids, MI. During the simulator, students and faculty will be introduced to the AWARE-TXT Simulator. This technology allows students to sit in a real car which is suspended and monitored with sensors to simulate real driving. The software renders a virtual field of vision, visible on a lightweight heads-up display worn by the “driver.” This software also renders various road conditions, like rain and snow.

Students then experience the difficulty of texting while driving in a completely safe environment. This allows students to fully appreciate the dangers without risking their safety. The life saving Aware TXT simulator prevention program is becoming a fast favorite among high school and college campuses around the country.

Get Ready to Drive Distracted (For a Good Cause)

For more information on the PEERS Foundation and their award-winning AWARE-TXT Simulator, as well as other programs, visit their website at www.peersfoundation.org. And for all your Toyota needs, visit Miller Toyota!

November 3, 2017
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