Comparison: 2015 Toyota Sienna vs 2015 Honda Odyssey

2015 Toyota Sienna Manassas

Where did all the good minivans go? Most families would benefit more from having a minivan than owning a crossover or bulky SUV, but the perception is that crossovers and SUVs are more interesting and adventurous. The truth is that minivans have more cargo flexibility than crossovers and SUVs, have more kid-friendly features such as sliding doors and car-like riding heights (which make them easier to get into and out of for the little ones), and more aerodynamic designs that give better fuel economy. The top two in the market these days are the 2015 Toyota Sienna and the 2015 Honda Odyssey. In a battle of well-packaged minivans, which of the two will come out on top? We’ll make some comparisons and see.

Toyota Sienna Design Leader

As far as design goes, the Sienna has been updated with soft-touch surfaces, which results in a better overall atmosphere in the cabin, and the standard sheet metal and smooth flank exterior gives the Sienna a streamlined feel to it.

Performance Comparison

Both minivans provide straight-line performance and surprisingly athletic handling, but the Sienna offers 266 horsepower against the Odyssey’s 248, which gives the Sienna a slight leg up when it comes to performance level. Each model gives way for great steering, though the Odyssey is slightly crisper in the handling. It is worth noting, however, that the Sienna offers what the Odyssey does not: an all wheel drive option.

Toyota Sienna Beats the Odyssey at the Checkout

With price, the Honda Odyssey offers a lot of features, but the price tag reflects it in with a steeper final cost. Both vans do top out in the mid-to-upper forties, but the standard trim of the Sienna comes with about as many features as the upper trims of the Odyssey.

In short, the competition was a close one, but the Sienna wins! The all-wheel drive system option and better value put it over the top.

To see what all the fuss is about, check out the 2015 Toyota Sienna at your Miller Toyota dealership as soon as possible.

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November 2, 2015
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