Check Out These Manassas Attractions

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If you are wondering where to spend a weekend in Manassas, here are a few places you might need to consider visiting.

Manassas Museum

At the Manassas Museum, a visitor gets to view exhibits featuring events of the Civil War in Manassas. The museum guides are well acquitted with the history of Prince William and other historical events that happened between the 17th and 19th century in Manassas.

Freedom Museum in Manassas

The Freedom Museum displays artifacts that narrate the life of soldiers who fought for the country’s freedom. As you tour the museum, you may get to read some of the letters that the soldiers wrote to their loved ones. The museum also displays select artifacts featuring various military art and Norton Bomb site. The stories and exhibits stir a feeling of respect and admiration for the soldiers who dedicated their life for freedom.

The Old Candy Factory in Manassas, VA

The old candy center was constructed in 1908. Later the building was donated to the City of Manassas to be used as an art gallery. Today the building hosts over 15,000 art lovers in a year.


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November 22, 2016
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