Where to Find all the Amazing Sculptures in Manassas

Distracted by Andrea Rivera Sculptures in the City #ManassasArtManassas, with a population of more than 38,000, has been the seat of Prince William County since 1892. This area is noted for having several historic sites, particularly from the 1850 – 1870 period. It boasts several parks and museums and is also known for its “artsy” Sculptures in the City Project via a partnership with Northern Virginia Community College. The cooperative process helps students showcase their creations and is a colorful and innovative addition to the area.

Sculptures in the City #ManassasArt: Center Street

In the Center Street section of the city, the following statues can be found:

  • Distracted is a beautifully colorful, and poignant depiction of a person staring at their cell phone as so many of us do today, by Andrea Rivera.
  • Audrey D’agistinio created Belle, an impressive ghostly representation of a young civil war female.
  • Danville represents features of the numerous trains that frequent the area, by Hunter Knight.
  • Frank Albert created this representation of man’s power, simplicity, and love, a Lion Amongst Men.
  • Cognitive Dissonance, by Harry Mayer, lies close to Lion Amongst Men with its bright green geometric edginess.

Sculptures in the City #ManassasArt: Prince William Street

Running parallel to Center Street, Prince William displays:

  • Levittown, a tribute to the 1930s American Dream by two artists, Alex Dorney and Paige Fischer.
  • Sarah Fischer created Virus from common household gadgets to represent the common cold virus.
  • An illusion, Mona Splatt appears to be in constant motion, yet always in balance by Michael Flatequal and Harold Martin.
  • Abstract geometric creation, Interruption by Jessica Morales may give you a new perspective.
  • Tresident Tabor, fits well into the area and is by Christian Gallick.

Sculptures in Manassas National Battlefield Park

The Manassas National Battlefield Park is home to 40 hiking trails honoring the first and second Manassas Battlefields. It includes trailside interpretive markers describing the battle actions. While this area is not part of the same sculpture campaign, you can find some historical statues when you are at the park, including:

  • Two monuments dedicated to the 5th New York Zouaves, who lost 123 men in 5 minutes in advance of Hood’s men; off Lee Highway, near Young’s Branch on 5th New York Avenue and across from the Confederate cemetery at Groveton.
  • Henry Hill Monument is memorializing the Patriots who died at Bull Run in 1861.
  • Civil War legend, Stonewall Jackson Monument.

The exciting and historic area offers countless opportunities for educational and historical moments. Drive a vehicle from Miller Toyota to take a look throughout this beautiful city.

April 11, 2017
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