5 Cool Features in the 2015 Toyota Camry


For the last 16 years, Toyota Camry has managed to preserve its statute as the top-selling car in the U.S., due to its amazing design, performance and reliability. To continue this success story in a similar manner, Toyota has introduced the 2015 Camry, which is all about an enhanced dynamic performance, advanced safety technologies, a high-end interior and an impressive exterior design. Are you curious to explore the full potential of the new model? In this case, you may want to start by taking a closer look at the following top 5 cool features displayed by this vehicle.

  1. New Design. The new model is seen as a show-stopper mostly due to its bold exterior design and aggressive look. The sporty interior allows potential buyers to admire quality stitching and upholstery. The roomy interior is another notable advantage that you will most likely appreciate. Both the interior panels and the seats have been sculpted to provide ample leg room and ensure a superior level of comfort during your trips.
  2. Sport Mesh Front Grille. First impressions are always decisive. This is precisely why Toyota has decided to add a beautiful sport mesh front grille to the Camry XSE, SE Hybrid and SE models. This detail makes all the difference in the world, contributing a great deal to the aggressive and seductive look of the new Toyota Camry.
  3. LED Headlights. Need an additional touch of style and brighter light to feel more comfortable behind the wheel? The 2015 Toyota Camry model address your needs and demands, by adding bold LED headlights to its XSE model. The black sport trim bezels are a part of the same story and manage to turn the 2015 Camry into a vehicle with powerful personality. In addition, when the sun is hiding under the clouds during the day, you can always count on LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) to lighten up your path.
  4. 18 Inch Alloy Wheels. Need another wow effect to turn heads as you hit the road? The 18-inch alloy wheels let you do just that, due to their machined-faced accents and glossy black finish.
  5. Dual Chrome Tipped Exhaust. Last but not least, the dual chrome tipped exhaust is another excellent feature that you won’t be able to ignore. Tuned to ensure an ideal performance, the dual exhaust system let you make the most of your everyday drives.

Can’t wait to get your hands on the 2015 Camry? We hear you! To assess the overall performance of this amazing vehicle on your own, come see us at Miller Toyota in Manassas, VA and take this beauty for a test drive.

December 1, 2014
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