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2021 Camry vs. 2021 Civic in Manassas, VA

2021 Toyota Camry in Manassas, VA2021 Honda Civic

2021 Camry vs. 2021 Civic

When it’s time to choose your next car, the choices can seem overwhelming. The midsize and compact classes both feature popular models with efficient performance and modern features, and the Toyota Camry and Honda Civic both stand out with their high-quality appeal. Which car has everything you need in a sedan? Let’s consider some key qualities to find out.


Both cars stand out in their classes with rewarding handling, but the Camry comes loaded with a more powerful engine. The standard Camry runs on a lively 4-cylinder that generates more than 200 horsepower. This engine promises ample enthusiasm on demand whenever you need to accelerate to merge onto the highway or take off from a green light. The Civic’s standard engine trails in terms of muscle, and although Honda offers several engine options, you have to pay up for the top trim to find anything that generates more than 200 horsepower.


The Camry promises the smooth, comfortable passenger experience that drivers should expect from a modern sedan. Its interior is appointed with quality furnishings all around, and it provides plenty of legroom in both rows. You’ll also find ample overhead space from front to back, accommodating even your taller passengers. In the Civic, you’ll also find a comfortable arrangement up front, but the confines become tighter in the second row. The compact car’s low roofline also cuts into the available overhead clearance.


Accessing your features and apps in the Camry is as easy as using a smartphone or tablet thanks to its convenient infotainment interface. The Camry comes standard with a 7-inch touchscreen for convenient control over popular features like satellite radio and smartphone synchronization for both Android and Apple devices. The Civic doesn’t come standard with a touchscreen, and you’ll have to pay extra for touch capability as well as smartphone connectivity. Only the Camry comes standard with a Wi-Fi hotspot as well.

The Camry is Here in Manassas, VA

If it sounds like the Camry is the car you’ve been looking for, come take it for a test drive at Miller Toyota. When you visit our dealership in Manassas, we’ll help you pick out the right trim and features for your needs. We’ll also help you get behind the wheel for a great deal, and you might be surprised by how affordable your next car can be!