2015 Sienna Named Best All-Wheel Drive Minivan

2015 Toyota Sienna Manassas

It is time to buy a vehicle with more space. A vehicle with more space and AWD; the world of family and the world of versatility need to make a connection for the life you’re living now. If you’re looking at a mid-size or larger SUV, you’ll carry more people and cargo and be less cramped in a minivan than even in a Suburban-Escalade-Expedition class SUV. You’ll get get better fuel economy. And, wouldn’t you know it, there are competitions for the minivans class, and the 2015 Sienna has been named the best all-wheel drive minivan. Here’s why.

Toyota Sienna Tech Features

Every Sienna comes with Bluetooth and a rear view camera. As you take the price walk from a $29,000 entry trim line up to just short of $50,000, you’ll find most of the tech and advanced driver tech you’d expect in a desirable minivan or midsize SUV including radar cruise control (in Toyota parlance) with forward collision warning, blind spot detection with rear cross-traffic alert, and parking sonar.

On the Road in the Toyota Sienna

The interior was cleaned up and got better materials, there are more body welds for rigidity, and the newest version of Entune is aboard. The drivetrain is the same, a 266-hp V6 and six-speed automatic, driving either the front wheels or all four wheels. Basically, the 2015 Sienna remains a box 200 inches long (5080 mm) and it holds more than an SUV of the same size because the hood is shorter and seats are more upright. Sienna has the most cargo space of any minivan (and even more than an SUV) though all minivans are pretty good.

On an extended  trip, you’ll appreciate the adaptive cruise control and blind spot detection if not the absent lane departure warning, and also appreciate the myriad entertainment options. Entune offers the usual Pandora etcetera apps as well as the Toyota Safety Connect telematics package of embedded cellular modem with crash notification, roadside assistance, and stolen vehicle tracking.

Basically, the Sienna is everything you want coupled with everything you need. If this sounds like what you want, get in to your Miller Toyota dealership as soon as possible to grab one of your own- your family, your sanity, and your wallet will thank you.

October 2, 2015
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