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Which Transmission is Right For You?

Discover Which Transmission Type Fits Your Driving Style

The transmission of a vehicle is a vital part of its operation because it powers the portion of the engine to operate the wheels. There are various types of transmissions available. Each one acts differently and has distinct advantages.

If you are struggling to know which transmission is good for you, let the sales team at Miller Toyota help. Stop by our dealership in Manassas, VA, and explore our inventory.

Discover which transmission makes the most sense for your driving style and needs. As you understand how each one works, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

Manual Transmission

The first type is manual transmission, which is less common than it once was. It is harder to find on vehicles, though it is available on many trucks, off-road SUVs, and sports cars.

It requires direct input from the driver to shift gears. The driver does so by using the stick shift in the center console between the seats and pressing down on the clutch pedal on the far left on the floor. The driver shifts gears as the car accelerates and slows down. Most manual transmissions have at least five gears. Using their left foot, the driver uses the clutch pedal when bringing the car to a halt or when pulling away.

Here are some advantages of manual transmission:

  • - The resale value of cars with manual transmission is better than vehicles without it.

  • - Manual transmission lets the driver feel more in control of the car.

  • - Cars with manual transmission have a lower price tag.

  • - Manual transmission is typically less expensive to repair.

Automatic Transmission

An automatic transmission takes care of the shifting of gears without the driver having to do anything. As the car reaches a certain speed, the car automatically goes into higher gear. The same happens as the car slows. There is no stick shift or clutch pedal. It is also the most common type of transmission.

The following are some benefits of an automatic transmission:

  • - An automatic transmission provides smooth and seamless shifting.

  • - An automatic transmission drives well in stop-and-go traffic.

  • - An automatic transmission is much easier to learn than a manual transmission, as it requires no involvement from the driver.

Semi-Automatic Transmission

This type of transmission combines the features of manual and automatic transmissions. It doesn’t have a clutch pedal, as this aspect happens automatically. However, the driver can shift gears by using paddles or buttons rather than a stick shift.

It provides the following advantages:

  • - A semi-automatic transmission puts the driver in good control of the car.

  • - It is common on high-performance vehicles.

  • - A semi-automatic transmission is easier to learn and use than a manual transmission.

  • - This transmission has better gas mileage than an automatic transmission.

Continuously Variable Transmission

The fourth type is a CVT, which is short for continuously variable speed transmission. It also does not have a stick shift or clutch pedal. It also does not have fixed gears but instead uses a belt and pulley system. There are infinite gear ratios as well. It is frequently a transmission on smaller vehicles.

Here are some benefits of a CVT:

  • - A CVT is easy to learn.

  • - A CVT offers excellent gas mileage.

  • - Cars with CVT have a smooth riding experience.

  • - There are fewer parts in a CVT, so the vehicles are lighter.

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It’s helpful to understand the four different types of transmission and how each one differs and works. As you study these characteristics, you can choose which one suits your driving style and budget.,/

The team at Miller Toyota in Manassas, VA, can help you no matter what you’re looking for. Come by the dealership today and tell us what transmission you prefer. We’ll then show you which models have that particular type. You can then drive home in a car you will love.