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What Does That Warning Light Mean?

If you're driving through the area around Bull Run, VA when a warning light illuminates your dashboard, don't panic. The service team at Miller Toyota is standing by to help diagnose the issue.

We know that it can be alarming to see a new light on your dashboard, especially if you don't know what they mean but most of the time the issue is minor. Whenever a service light comes on in your vehicle, schedule an appointment at our auto service center near Bull Run, VA. We'll Diagnose the issue and make the proper repairs quickly.

Read on for a quick guide to the most common warning lights, what they mean, and how to respond to them.

Oil Pressure Warning Light

The oil pressure warning light will probably be the most common light you see. It's a red or orange image of an old fashioned oil can but newer vehicles the word “OIL” might be displayed instead. If the oil pressure warning light comes on, it means that you are low on oil or that your oil pump isn't circulating enough. Pull over and use your dipstick to check your oil levels. If needed, top off your oil then call your service center to schedule an appointment.

Tire Pressure Warning Light

The tire pressure warning light has the appearance of a flat tire, but that isn't always what it means. If it appears solid on your dashboard, it means the pressure in one or more of your tires is too high or too low. If it flashes for several seconds when you turn the vehicle on then remains solid, it's an indication that your tire pressure monitoring system is malfunctioning. With both situations you should check the pressure of all your tires and make the proper adjustments. If the pressure is correct and the second scenario continues, make an appointment with your technician to assess the issue.

Engine Temperature Warning Light

The engine temperature warning light should be addressed immediately. When you see the old-fashioned thermometer appear on your dashboard it means that your engine is overheated. The issue may mean that your coolant is low. Before you check, turn off your engine and wait 10 to 15 minutes for it to cool down. In the meantime, you should call roadside assistance so your vehicle can be towed to a service center.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light is hard to diagnose on your own because it could be an indication of several things. The best course of action is to have a professional inspect your engine.

Battery Warning Light

The rectangular battery warning light has a plus a minus sign in the center and means that your vehicle is experiencing issues with your charging system. This doesn't always mean that you have a battery problem but that is the first place you should check. Pop the hood and look at your battery to make sure you don't have a loose cable or corrosion. Corrosion can be removed with a wire brush and battery cleaner. If neither of those are the issue, have a mechanic check your starter and alternator.

Miller Toyota Service Center

It's important that you don't ignore warning lights. If you live or work near Bull Run, VA, make an appointment with the service center at Miller Toyota and one of our skilled technicians will assess the issue and make the proper repairs.