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Drive Belt Replacement Near Haymarket, VA

If you suspect it may be time for a drive belt replacement, bring your vehicle on into Miller Toyota near Haymarket, VA. Our team of highly-skilled technicians can replace your drive belt and get you back on the road in no time, and at a price, you can afford.

What is a Drive Belt?

Your vehicle has several types of drive belts that perform different functions. If one fails, not only will your car not run, but the failure could also cause even more extensive damage to your other engine components. That's why it's so important to have your belts checked regularly and replace them when they start to wear before they break completely.

Timing belts are notched rubber belts that open and close the engine valves at the appropriate timing with the pistons, hence the name. It also helps the crankshaft turn the camshaft. If you hear a slapping sound coming from under your hood, or if your car develops a rough idle, it's a good indication that your timing belt is wearing thin.

Serpentine belts are long continuous belts that “snake” through your engine and drive all your engine components. With time they can become stripped or cracked or lose tension. You'll know this belt needs replacing when you hear a squeaking or chirping sound. (Some older cars use V-belts instead, but they've become mostly obsolete in today's models).

When Should You Get Your Drive Belt Replaced?

Drive belts are important, but thankfully they don't generally have to be replaced that often. They'll usually get you well past the 50,000-mile mark. But it's still a good idea to have them checked at least once a year. In addition to the slapping, squeaking, or chirping sounds mentioned, there are a few other signs to look for that could indicate it's time for a drive belt replacement:

  • ● Cracking or thinning noticed during inspection
  • ● Loss of power steering
  • ● Air conditioning failure
  • ● Engine overheating
  • ● Ticking sounds
  • ● Engine misfires

If you notice these or any other issues, you'll want to bring your vehicle in for a checkup.

Schedule Drive Belt Replacement with Miller Toyota Near Haymarket, VA

In addition to drive belt replacement, our service center can handle the whole gamut of your service and maintenance needs. Give us a call today or drop by our service center at 8500 Sudley Road in Manassas, near Haymarket, VA. You can schedule an appointment online, and don't forget to check out the current deals we're offering on service.